The 7 Website Essentials

In this blog I’m going to discuss the seven features your website needs to stand out in the crowd. These features have the potential to give your business a serious competitive edge in your industry.

Firstly, your website needs a HEADLINE that spells out the end benefit your ideal customers will get from using your products or services. This could be more profit, saving time, saving money or more customers. The headline must re-assure your prospects that they’ve found the right website and your business that can solve their problem or pain.

Now that you’ve got the attention of your prospective new customers the next stage is to capture their contact details so they enter your marketing funnel. To do this you need what is described as a LEAD MAGNET. This is a valuable item you offer your website visitors for free in exchange for their contact details. Lead magnets can be an e-Book, a video, a webinar, a free product sample, a free app or a case study. It’s all about building subscribers to your email list and the more valuable and relevant your lead magnet is, the more likely they will exchange their contact details.

Next, you need an OPT-IN BOX to collect their e-mail address in exchange for your lead magnet or newsletter. This will give you the chance to nurture them through email offers, updates, free downloads and other information to build trust and develop your relationship. Your opt-in offer should be visible on most pages of your website and should appear above the fold so your visitors don’t have to scroll down the page to find your offer and the opt-in form.

The fourth key ingredient is SOCIAL PROOF. This provides evidence that your product or service really works. The most effective form of social proof is testimonials from satisfied customers who explain how your product or service has solved their problems and delivered on the promise in your headline. The testimonials can be written, video recordings or commentary on social media. Either way, satisfied customers can help convince prospects to take the next step and they add credibility to your brand.

The fifth essential is a BLOG. Statistically speaking, businesses that blog attract 55% more website visitors and every time you write a blog post with relevant keywords you’re increasing your chances of prospects finding you via a search engine. Adding regular fresh content distinguishes you from those static billboard type websites. Blogs can also position you as an industry expert and can be integrated into your social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and other channels.

The sixth must have is CALLS TO ACTION that tell your visitors and prospects precisely what you want them to do next. It could be a request to call us now, book an appointment or click here to add to the sales cart. Your calls to action must be graphically designed and visually appealing to convert.

The final key ingredient is VIDEO. YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google and 25 to 30% of your website visitors are coming from mobile devices like smart phones. These phones double as mini television sets and Gen Y have come of age and expect video communication. 55% of people now watch online video every day and you’re 53 times more likely to get a page one listing on Google with video content on your website.

So there are the 7 essential ingredients of a winning website. If you want a more in depth analysis visit the home page of our website and fill in your details in the opt in box and download our lead magnet, The One Simple Secret to Growing Your Business. 

Finally, our marketing skills distinguish us from other accounting firms and we invite you to come and meet with us to discuss your marketing needs.